‘I was referred to Lynne through another nutritionist and associate who highly recommended her  – I didn’t want or need a dietician – I needed a 360 degree look at my lifestyle and what was bothering me.  Lynne is a qualified Integrative Nutritionist and health coach among other skills – which include empathy, understanding and a great sense of humour. 

I had had DNA testing/ genetic coding done, homeopathic assessments and annual medical checkups with full blood tests completed – resulting in me being very confused.  So I bought all of them to Lynne to look at and decipher..  She took all the information, asked me relevant questions about lifestyle, my concerns and worries and started her own investigations to bring everything together so that I could move ahead with clear objectives and goals.  She gave me insight into what I needed to do and where to start taking all the results and research into account. The results after the first session were amazing after years of niggling and sometimes debilitating digestive problems.  She also took me off some of the supplements which I had been on and added those which she thought would be more beneficial. 

I followed her suggestions and through feedback and working together we managed to come to certain conclusions of what and how to change and adapt my lifestyle – lots of answers to what worked,  what didn’t and WHY?! Her work was completely thorough and just made sense to me – her explanations were easy to follow and her ‘detective work’ was like nothing I have ever had before – and I am nearly 58!! She got to the root cause, which must have taken her hours and hours behind scenes putting the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together and I have been thrilled with how I feel and the support I get form Lynne.   She actually enjoys the challenge of deciphering information and working out what could be best for her patients – she does it the best!

It is such a relief that I know she ‘has my back’, I am completely honest with her and it’s great to have someone captaining my ship and giving me sound and sensible advice.  I can highly recommend Lynne for anyone wanting to get to the bottom of any health issues or fine tune lifestyle diet and general well-being.  She is Awesome!!’        G C

Thanks for the lovely card and your care. Lynne Im SO good! Im in good health and have lost 26.7 kgs! So I am 55kg’s now!!! Can you believe it. I still stick to your principles! And will be forever grateful to you for helping me get back on track. My weight has been stable for months now and I have radically shifted some bad habits.   Laura

‘Tried everything + spent a fortune + lost hope + frustrated = me a year ago.

Having tried every diet available brand name or not, I had given up hope of ever losing weight, believing that I was just meant to be of large proportions and my body clearly “hated” me. Lynne heard my cries for help and committed to working with me and healing my body; getting me back to my number 1.

This journey meant doing some exploratory work, a few medical tests and putting myself through the elimination diet.  Not necessary for all clients, but I was determined to get to the bottom of what makes my body tick and identify what I should be putting into my body (engine) to make it operate at its optimum.  Resulting in less time off sick and more time to live life. (Think of your body like your car, if you put good quality fuel/oil in, you will get a high performing car that operates on all cylinders, speed and performance).

Working with Lynne was life changing, I have never had the support, encouragement, hands on approach and dedication from anyone when it came to “diet”.  Lynne was my friend, my coach and my rock throughout the journey.

I was hard on my body over the years of crash dieting, binge eating and a sweet tooth, the damage was evident.  My journey to #1 was not always easy, but Lynne was there to get me through every step including weeks of plateau and the frustration that comes with that, highs and lows of work stress and temptation to fall off the wagon. Lynne remained positive for me and we juggled a few things to kick start my body and mind again.

Aside from one on one sessions, I attended a number of her food cooking demo’s which were critical in teaching me about fueling my body correctly.  I can highly recommend attending these demo’s, the recipes are delicious and I now cook like a pro, knowing that I’m feeding my engine the right food.

It’s almost a year since we started the road to #1, I chose the slow route as I knew that was the sustainable route.  Eager to get some points I completed my Vitality health assessment last week and rocked it!  Honestly, my blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose etc. all in healthy (perfect) range, I’ve lost over 20kg and still dropping… my waist has shrunk more than 10cm and I’m achieving PB’s (personal bests) almost every week on my 5km runs.  I can’t remember the last time I was sick or saw a doctor – definitely saving some cash there.

I learnt a lot, too much to list, but I can now take charge of my body and make the right choices, I’m off my meds and exercising daily.  I understand that if I indulge from time to time it will take its toll, but I am strong enough to pick myself up and I feel fantastic and the compliments keep coming!

If you want something sustainable and want your body to work at its best, I can honestly encourage you to give Lynne a shout.’       Suzanne 

‘I have been following Lynne’s programme for the past 4 weeks and it has totally transformed my life. For the first time I see and feel the direct correlation between optimum nutrition and wellbeing. I feel I have been emerging from a thick confusing fog and I can see my way clear of this. It has been far far more than a weight loss programme for me it has reprogrammed my relationship with food and exercise and helped me to get my health, vitality and wellbeing back.
Lynne is caring, gentle, supportive and dedicated. With a vast depth of knowledge and understanding of all aspects of nutrition, medicinal and super foods she customises  to each individual’s specific needs.
I was provided a safe, generous and supportive atmosphere to work through my vulnerabilities, to find practical ways of living and sustaining a healthier lifestyle.
Thank you Lynne’      L. F.

‘Lynne has been very encouraging and knows her subject very well.  Her knowledge is thorough and she has been able to answer all my questions comprehensively.  Her approach is very positive and helpful and she has a lovely manner that has made her sessions so enjoyable and worthwhile. The information on sugar was mind-blowing.  This way of eating is the healthiest and most sustainable of all the eating plans I have tried.  It is practical and manageable and an eating plan one can make a way of life.  I also have faith in the research behind it. I would highly recommend it to friends and family.’  Sonya J

‘Prior to starting with Lynne, I suffered from depression, mood swings & was tired all the time, my weight was up and down and I was considered obese.  Due to this program I am now a much happier person, more focused with a new lease on life, I now fit into clothes I could not before.  My friends and family have seen the changes in my body and my face and it was such a drastic change that that in itself opened the door for me to give them the same lifeline of being supported by Lynne. Her professionalism is the absolute best and her encouragement was just what I needed.  This eating plan has showed me how to control my blood sugar, experience no more cravings and feel and look amazing. Thank you so much Lynne’      Svenska

‘I was exhausted, with low self esteem, putting on weight on an annual basis and feeling desperate until I met Lynne.  What I appreciate about Lynne is her extensive knowledge on nutrition and the healing properties of food.  She is sage, affirming and talks straight.  Her approach is completely do-able and she’s excellent at identifying ‘weak points’ and things that you have overlooked.  I now feel lighter, happier, and more hopeful with loads more energy, thanks so much Lynne’       Pippa H.

‘I had no doubts about signing up, I knew that I could make the necessary changes with the group’s support, that would have a positive impact on my health and weight loss, I enjoyed the support from others, sharing of ideas and information. I am starting to lose and feeling much better, more alert, more motivated and more positive.  Lynne has great ideas & suggestions on what to eat, how to prepare and plan for eating.  She is very clean in her descriptions of how to look at what we eat and how to make good choices.  This way of eating is more reasonable and much easier to incorporate into day to day living and my whole family now eats together.  Try It!’     Mary G.

‘My weight was always up and down, with not much sound knowledge of eating the correct foods.  I have loved the knowledge that has been shared, the recipes are delicious – I have enjoyed the mix of slides and discussion. My health is on the increase.  Go for it!  You have nothing to lose, except weight.’    Pippa M.

‘Lynne has extensive knowledge on health and how we should all be eating & preparing our food.  She is a very good motivator for wanting you to succeed in reaching your goals.  I now have a lot more energy, my skin feels great, and I’ve had lot’s of centimetre loss, I can highly recommend this to anyone who is thinking about signing up to ‘Go for it’.     Joanne L.