Healing Whole Foods

about nutritional therapyMany of the health issues faced by today’s society are the result of a compromised digestive and immune system and this could be traced back to unhealthy eating habits, chronic stress and environmental pollutants.

By following a simple recipe of nurturing mind, body and spirit as nature intended, we choose to create a healthy and resilient terrain within, where illness and disease don’t stand a chance. The way forward is actually the way back – to simplicity, through the power and presence of every meal.

By experiencing eating as more than just calories, you can find your way to personal growth and true fulfilment. What is needed is a return to simplicity, eating whole foods that are freshly harvested and nutrient dense. It has been shown that plants endemic to certain areas produce phytochemicals that are highly beneficial to people living in that climate, whether it be to support their immune system or to modulate their stress response.

A simple formula for a diet of true nourishment is to eat foods that give you more energy than they take. After eating we should experience the same energy we feel when we’re in nature: serene, expanded and inspired.

“When you eat food that is closest to how it’s found in nature, it remains full of life force”

Fresh fruits and vegetables that burst with enzymes and nutrients and ingredients that are as close to their natural state fill your body’s energy account instead of depleting it.

Viewing foods  as a way of just counting calories and seeing proteins and carbohydrates as creating the same energy currency within the body is outdated. It is now known that these basic nutrients have a very different vibration or electrical potential.

The new message is that it is the quality of food and the dietary signature it carries for our cells that is the most essential consideration when it comes to eating choices. Food is information, and anxiety about eating the ‘wrong’ foods has the same effect as the stress from living a life you don’t enjoy, decreasing your metabolism and preventing you from losing weight and resulting in chronic diseases establishing themselves.

Health issues that ‘medicinal foods’ can address:
Adrenal burnout
ADHD kids
Chronic Fatigue
Cardiovascular Disease
Hormonal imbalances
High cholesterol
Insulin resistance