Spring Detox

Spring Detox With all this snow & cold weather we’ve been experiencing it may seem like winter will never say goodbye, but actually spring is already tentatively revealing her buds and blossoms, this makes it the perfect time to start contemplating a fresh start.  Spring is a great time to de-clutter our lives, to let go …

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About Functional Medicine

Medicine is constantly exploring new avenues of health care, and the old paradigms of thinking are making way for the evolution of a new practice of medicine that is a blend of lifestyle and medicine. These styles merge the principles of traditional medicine along with preventative and integrative techniques that look at ways in which …

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Healing Whole Foods

Many of the health issues faced by today’s society are the result of a compromised digestive and immune system and this could be traced back to unhealthy eating habits, chronic stress and environmental pollutants. By following a simple recipe of nurturing mind, body and spirit as nature intended, we choose to create a healthy and …

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Nourishing your Hormones

Are you lost in a sea of hormones – then here’s how best to surf the waves during the menopausal years. During the menopause your hormones will be fluctuating up and down until you come out the other side and into post menopause, when your hormones will stabilize again.  The more gradually you go through …

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Nature Is Your Healer

To nurture a deeper appreciation for, and connection with the earth, is foremost and essentially to nurture and appreciate one’s own self, with care and compassion, devoting attention to the thoughts and decisions we make each day that influence the substance and happiness of our lives, and the impact we have on the world around …

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