Spring Detox

Spring Detox

With all this snow & cold weather we’ve been experiencing it may seem like winter will never say goodbye, but actually spring is already tentatively revealing her buds and blossoms, this makes it the perfect time to start contemplating a fresh start.  Spring is a great time to de-clutter our lives, to let go of what no longer serves us and to lighten up in all ways.  As nature abhors a vacuum as soon as we clear out we make room for the new to come into our lives.  Having sown the seeds of our intentions during the winter months it is now a good time to prepare ourselves for new beginnings, and a great way to do this is through detoxification.

Our liver is one of our main organs of detoxification, as one of the foundations for good health is our ability to detoxify, it is a given that we support our liver as much as we can.  When it is not working optimally, toxins from both inside and outside remain in our system and can cause our immune system to treat them as invading organisms.  This can lead to inflammation, infections, allergies & food intolerances.  Our liver breaks down and eliminates excess hormones; if this does not function optimally we can suffer from PMS, acne and even develop breast cancer.  Our liver also balances blood sugar levels, and if under strain we can experience chronic fatigue, sugar cravings, weight gain and type two diabetes.

The idea of a liver detox is to support and take the load off the organ by providing it with the nutrients it needs – NOT to give it even more work to do.  One of the main nutrients it needs is amino acids from protein.  The liver has two phases of detoxification, with both needing specific nutrients to function optimally. 

Phases of detoxification and the nutrients required

Glucoronidation:  possibly the most important detoxification pathway of all.
Nutrients needed:  calcium d glucarate, found in apples, Brussels sprouts, broccoli & bean sprouts.
Purpose: detoxifies oestrogen metabolites & benzoates from our body and keeps us clear of the possibility of breast & prostate cancer.
Glycine and glutamine:
Nutrients needed: are Coq10, Vit C, Vit E, Selenium, NAC & beta carotene.  Root vegetables and sprouts offer good supplies of these nutrients.
Purpose: clears our body of aspirin & paracetamol.
Glutathione:  depends on a good supply of glutathione, an amino acid complex.
Nutrients needed:  Root vegetables, onion, garlic & blueberries offer a good supply of these.
Purpose: this pathway clears caffeine from our body.
Nutrients needed: sulphur containing amino acids found in eggs, garlic, onion & MSM.
Purpose: clears paracetamol & heavy metals such as mercury.
Nutrients needed: B Vitamins, folic acid from leafy green vegetables & B12. (Vegetarians need to supplement with this!)
Purpose:  keeps homocysteine levels low and also clears our body of xeno-oestrogens which can trigger cancer in oestrogen sensitive tissue such as breast & prostate.

If you are not taking in all these nutrients, your body’s capacity to detoxify is being compromised.

The appropriate nutrients are essential for liver detoxification, if we are lacking in any of these, our health can be compromised.  This also explains why drastic cleanses such as water & juice fasts can be so destructive to our health.

The detox I recommend can either be done over 10 days or 28 days depending on your detoxification scores (see questionnaire on my website) for some people it is advised to go slower and deeper rather than an all-out approach.

10 day clear change program

Started on a Thursday and covers 2 weekends and the week in between which makes it more workable for most people.


Menu plan of what you can and cannot eat
Delicious recipes
Supplements for detoxification
Medical Food which supplies all the above nutrients for the detox pathways
Supportive & motivational emails

Cost R850

The idea is to eat to get well, and few diet restrictions are implemented in terms of calorie restriction. Rather an appropriate selection and combination of foods is encouraged. For example, it is recommended that you eat every 3 hours, including three meals and three snacks throughout the day, focusing on including high quality protein with all your meals.

Benefits of a detox:

Weight loss
Clearer skin
Increased energy
Reduction of allergies eg sinus, hayfever
Mental clarity
Improved joint mobility, less aches & pains
Improved digestion – just to name a few

General news:

Introducing Xymogen a new range of products that have a special focus on:

Candida clearing, improving the stress response, mitochondrial renewal = major energy boost + weight loss + anti-ageing.  Xymogen have a wonderful collagen rich product for beautiful hair skin & nails.

Nourish by Nature’s  website is up and running, along with our Facebook page which offers inspirational ideas for health & healing,  with some yummy recipes as well.  The latest blog article ‘Nourishing your Hormones’ – which foods and supplements to support women through the menopause – is worth a read. My favourite smoothie recipe for hormonal balancing is at the end of the blog.



Spring specials:

Free Karnak PK food intolerance testing for you, when you refer a friend, and also with all follow up appointments booked during September 2012.

First Line Therapy – launching in September, a guaranteed weight loss program.

Included: the secret micronutrients required for weight loss, if you are lacking in any of these you will battle to lose weight. See website for more details.

10 day clear change program – for a gentle detox.

To inspire you here is one of my favourite spring raw soup recipes

Raw Green Veggie Soup w/ Avocado & Coriander

4 servings
Please use Organic Veggies : )
1 avocado
1 small zucchini, chopped
2 stalks celery, chopped
2 cups raw spinach or kale
1/4 cup fresh parsley
1/2 cup fresh coriander
2 slices green pepper
1/8 cup raw onion, chopped
1 small clove garlic
1/4 cup raw almonds, preferably soaked overnight
1/4 tsp sea salt to taste
1 1/2 cups filtered water
1 small beetroot for garnish, diced small


Place all the ingredients in the blender except the sea salt and process to desired consistency and warmth if you have a Vitamix.  If you have a regular blender you may pour into a sauce pan and gently warm over low heat until just warm enough to enjoy but not to boiling point.  Adjust seasoning further with sea salt to your liking, if required, garnish with beetroot and enjoy!

A great detoxifying & nutritious spring soup!

So have fun clearing out those cupboards of things you no longer use, negative thoughts that no longer serve you, excess weight that is weighing you down, and allow room for new beginnings, filled with intentions for great possibilities.

Nourishing spring blessings xx