Energy Medicine

Mainstream allopathic medicine is based on Newtonian science which addresses the biochemistry of the human body, while energy medicine is based upon the principles of biophysics. Energy medicine thus delivers a new dimension, which complements mainstream medicine, through correcting dysfunctions in the energetic or informational field, which help improve or initiate the healing process.

Our bodies need to be in a dynamic balance or homeostasis, while interacting with the universe. For health to occur we need homeostasis to be present to keep our regulatory systems in the body active and encourage self healing. Energetic medicine can nudge the body towards homeostasis and address the root cause of the ‘illness’ instead of focusing on not just the symptom or manifestation. The human body-mind complex is an interconnected bio-energetic system, and for true healing to take place throughout it, we need to enter the informational realm, to access the thoughts and emotions – which if left unattended can develop into disease.

Your body is not simply a collection of physical and chemical events independent of anything else. Rather, like all living systems, it is a unified collection of energy fields, all interacting and communicating with one another. By affecting one aspect of your system you can alter the quality of other aspects, through the energetic field that connects it all together, and can initiate change in the way your body functions – for ill or for good. In a living organism it is energy and not chemistry, which is primary in function. When you create a shift in the energetic field, there is a corresponding shift in the chemistry of an organism. This is the essence of how acupuncture works and explains how certain martial arts can affect health and personal power so profoundly. This concept is also what lies at the core of energy medicine.

The aim of all forms of energy treatments, from the subtle use of Bach Flower Remedies to the technologically-advanced light-beam generators, is to enhance life energy by restoring energetic order to the system, which lifts vitality, intensifies mental clarity, enhances spiritual awareness and ultimately triggers self-healing. Re-establishing energetic order improves the function of all our organs and glands, including the liver, adrenals, pituitary and hypothalamus and improves the assimilation of nutrients from the foods we eat.

From the point of view of quantum physics, as human beings we are not only immersed in energy fields – our bodies, our minds, our selves – we are energy fields! These fields are constantly expanding, contracting, and changing as our thoughts, diet and lifestyles change. The aim of any form of natural treatment be it dietary changes, detoxification, exercise, massage or meditation, is to enhance positive bio-energies in an organism and to help balance them and create order.