All nutrients contain a unique vibration or electric potential; the key consideration when it comes to eating choices is the quality of food and the dietary signature that it carries for our cells

On this retreat, Lynne covers the most important physical aspects of nutrition:

  • Food as a pathway to the Divine – the energy vibration of different foods
  • Nutrigenomics – knowing our DNA signature allows for pro-active lifestyle adjustment to achieve optimum health & prevent disease from manifesting.
  • Negative Stress and the damaging impact it has on our health.
  • How to fuel your body with conscious ‘right food choices’.
  • Conscious food purchase – we become the food we ingest, are we aware of where our food supply is coming from?
  • Exploring ways we can eat more healthily with minimalist effort.

As a qualified Functional Nutritionist, Wellness Coach & Whole Foods Chef, Lynne shares tips and tools related to eating, healing & maintaining consistent physical & spiritual wellbeing.


  • Share Joy, Fulfillment and Successful Living with others
  • Discover Meaning and Purpose in your Life
  • Uncover your Passion / your Dream