Health programmes that cover the following topics are addressed over 6 sessions.  You will be given a personalised protocol with recipes & recommended supplements. Each session will be educational in nature with the most up to date valuable research shared. You will be coached each week to make changes to your current regime that will support the healing process and allow your body to return to it’s inherent state of wellbeing.

  • Auto Immune e.g.  Hashimoto’s thyroiditis 
  • Healing your Gut e.g. allergies, eczema
  • Type 2 diabetes/insulin resistance
  • Hormones e.g. menopause & infertility
  •  Emotional eating
  •  Weight management
  • Candida
  • Living your best life: 12 steps to a life that works FOR you
  • Cost R2700 for 6 sessions fully inclusive



Are your hormones getting you down?

In your forties or fifties and on a hormonal roller coaster?

Experiencing brain fog, anxiety, fatigue and depression?

Do you watch what you eat and exercise to death but still gain weight?

Have you considered that you can address all of these with some simple lifestyle changes and a good eating plan?

And never have to die-t your way out of this ever again?

Ready for a harmonius peri menopause & menopause?




With a clinical nutrition background, and years of experience as a certified health coach, Lynne supports you in finding your happy place once again, you will be guided in choosing healthy eating habits and recipes that you can easily prepare for yourself and your family.

Over the 6 weeks we will cover all of the areas that are contributing factors to a hormonal imbalance.

We will look at foods that nourish your hormones.

We will explore supplements that are personalized just for you.

We will address lifestyle changes that can support your ideal weight.

We will map out a new way of eating that you can easily continue with.

You will experience a new relationship with food and health using delicious recipes.


If you are looking for a permanent solution and not a band-aid, then consider joining our 6 week program.

Cost R2700

Zoom sessions available starting from 1st September for One to One x 6 weekly sessions.

10% discount applies to all bookings booked during Sept 2020

‘What you eat becomes your inner potential.’  Food and Spirit